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16 March 2004


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1. I've dated mentally ill people. Married one too. I'm probably a lil mentally ill myself. I really don't know too many "normal" people. Would I date again a mentally ill depends on the severity of their illness. If they were dangerous I would say NO (beaters and the likes).

2. Bartering and trade...geez anything I can make I would trade. Wouldn't beable to trade live stock (puppies and the likes). I love the barter system, wish it would return 100%. For that house I will trade you this pebble. :D heehee.

3. I would say I am a little bit of both. I usually will ask if someone needs my help...or I will watch to see if they need my help and ask if they would like me to help them. I think it's just part of my personality of being a helper and actually enjoying helping people (especially when they truly appreciate the help.) I do also do things with out anyone knowing.

4. I'm actually a natural listener. Lately I admit I have become a bit less patience with listening and talking, but not so much that I won't lend an ear to a friend or family member...or even a stranger.

5. Hmm...regrets I try not to have too many of those. I can't even think of any right now...oh...telling my husband my past relationships (sexual..etc). I do regret that.

6. Given flowers to men, women, children...I think flowers are wonderful to have, wonderful to smell, and view, and touch, and even better given to someone.

7. I don't have a middle name. My uncle actually named me Arlene...because my parents couldn't decide if what to name me. My mom told me she wanted to name me Maryanne...I have to say thank goodness they listened to my uncle. :)


Lori makes an excellent point about free will and being asked for help. I would like to clarify, I don't just start helping, I put in an offer that can be taken or refused with no hurt feelings on either side.

Mae was my grandmother's middle name, Lori, although it was always said with the first name as all one name...Ola Mae. And when I got divorced from my first husband I found out you can change your name for free. Any part of your name. Well I just made up a last name and took it because I no longer wanted to be called by my father or my husband's last names. Coventree it was, for a while. Then I got married again and did the traditional taking of the husband's last name.


Dating a mentally ill person...I think sanity is such a relative term. Honestly, if you know about the DSM-IV, then you know that diagnosing a person with a mental illness is not an exact science at all. In fact, it is highly subjective. I think honesty is the best policy, and education goes a long way in helping a person understand the nature of the illness. Just as people may not want to date someone with a physical illness, there are going to be those who don't want to date someone with a mental illness. The person who can see past either type of illness is the one you want to date ;-)!

Bartering: I can cook and bake. I can crochet sweaters, blankets, and other wearables, and home decor items. I have some ability with web design and photgraphic talents. I can do some carpentry things, but not beyond my own home repair and I still need guidance from Pooky (he is the master carpenter). I can grow flowers and some vegetables. I'm very adept at taking care of cats and making them so happy.

I wait to be asked if help is required. My philosophy is this: free will should not be infringed upon without someone first giving their consent. Otherwise you are infringing upon their free will. This may sound lame, but I highly respect free will.

A majority of the time I'd have to confess, I'm waiting to talk. I guess I better listen more.

The list of regrets for saying something is quite long, and covers too many people.

Yes, I've sent flowers.

Middle name is Mae, which was my mother's middle name and her mother's middle name. I hate it! I think it's just too blah. I'd prefer to have a much niftier middle name, but never have come up with a better one.


I have dated the mentally ill. Not severely ill, mind you. Some mentally ill are in no position to maintain a healthy relationship (or any relationship) even if I were willing. So that one depends.

Barter: coding, graphics, drawing, writing/editing, babysitting, cooking, some cleaning, yardwork/gardening, sewing...I am a service provider when it comes to bartering. :)

I usually jump in first to see what I can do, but it does depend on the situation.

I have learned to listen.

regret? "yes," to a few people.

flowers? yes.

Middle name? Lang. Like it? Yes.

great questions, Naomi. :)


Date mentally ill person? Depends on the individual.

Barter? Carpentry, ceramics, counseling, writing term papers.

Wait or ask? Depends on the person and the situation.

Listening is underrated.

Regret saying? Nothing quickly comes to mind.

Flowers? Yes.

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