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14 April 2004


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dory is class "take it easy on him hes lost is son fabio"

Hi Im

OMG OMG OMG LOVE DORY!!! Every1 says Im exactly like...from my facial expressions to what I say....i didnt even realise it!!..I love all her songs..the Mr squishy scenes soooooooooo always makes me laugh!!


I love that movie! We have it also and I laugh at it each time just as if it were the first time. And you are so right, it rings true. I took the kids today to see Shrek2 and it is even better than the first. I really couldn't afford to go but I said to heck with everything else. We need something fun and we needed to laugh something awful. And laugh I did!


The movie is great. We have it at home and watch it often. Em and I go around singing Dory's little song all the time...out of the blue. Simple advice that rings true.


I love Dory so much that I have watched the movie 10 times and I love the colour in it too!:)
Dory is so funny and cool.


I just love Dory so much that I made 'Just keep swimming' my hotmail address!!


I keep swimming yes I do
I keep swimming. swimming swimming...

:) I love that movie. I saw it once with my niece and nephew and I bought the DVD. Graphics are awesome. :) The story is sweet. The message is strong. :)

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