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21 May 2004


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No need to apologize. You're welcome to jump on by here whenever you feel like it and give your thoughts and such.

Gye Nyame literally means 'except God.' It's African and pronounced jeh-N-yah-mee. I like to explain that it discusses the three Os of God: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

As a child, I may have been a little frightened of Christ but not as an adult. There is definitely an interpreation or metaphor in that dream.


Hey! I don't know you...I realise that! And I haven't even read all your entries. Just wanted you to know that Jesus doesn't look at you with an accusing look in his eyes...that defeats the purpose. In fact it's completely opposite of what he was/is about! I don't know you...don't know what you've done that makes you hate yourself so much, but I do know that Jesus doesn't hate fact the opposite...he loves you! And I'm so pissed off with Christians who make people feel like shit, and like you're supposed to be perfect to be a Christian. The whole point of Christianity is that we're not perfect and never will be. That's the whole point...that's the reason Jesus died on the cross...because we're messed up and can't do it right. And He didn't die so that we could be better (I think that might happen on the side) but so we could hang out with him. So we could know him. AGH!!!! I hate when Christians try to make out that they are in some way better than everyone else...they've got it completely wrong. Sorry I'll get off the soapbox!

Jesus is not someone to be scared of...I'm sorry He's been made out that way.

PS I'm not in the habit of reading other people's blogs, I was trying to find out what gye nyame meant. What does it mean?

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