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20 May 2004


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Candie Winkel

I was pimped out by mother and as a result it is hard for me to face each day myself. I am not doing as well as everyone would like. My Mother the one who beat me, and loaned me out to her assorted friends turned me into CPS for my dirty house and have been fighting for four years to try to get my babies back and it is too late for a few years cannot erase the childhood of torture so I understand why and where you come from and I want you to know we are not alone. My parents are both doing great themselves why I hang on the brink of reality trying not to take the plunge into insanity everyday. What keeps me going is the one visit a week they give me to see my children's beautiful faces. Keep your head up high you may have lost the battle but you have won the war because despite everything each day you survive. Sincerely, Candie Winkel.

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