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05 June 2004


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I hear you on this topic. I have long sought to find a "religion" or a group of people who think similarly as I do, only to find that no such group ever meets my criteria, because there is no true religion. There is only spirituality that is unique to each person, and at times we may be able to join together to exchange ideas and learn from each other, but the moment you start making religion, the whole essence collapses and you get bogged down in dogma and "no, it should be this way and not that".

I have found like minded people, and there is a church not far from me that seems promising, but I am reluctant to join them simply because groups have this "life of their own" and even though the group seems open-minded, it is still religion. The church focuses on Christ, but incorporates elements of Eastern thought. Eventually I will attend a service just because I want to make connections with the community.

If you want to see Jesus in a new light, I can suggest to you a list of books that I own, and I'd be happy to lend them to you. Along those lines, I have additional books by favorite spiritual authors whom I think you might enjoy reading. Again, I'd lend these books to you. (I say lend rather loosely, for if you don't return them I'm not going to get wiggy.)

There is one parting thought I'd like to leave you with. People always feel that they need to find a teacher, a master, a guru, to show them the way or to give them the answers. I have learned over time that the best person to help you is: You. Within you are all the answers that you seek, and ultimately You known what is best for You. When you look to someone else for the answers, for the guidance that you require, you abdicate your free will, and that someone starts telling you how you should think and feel. This is what religion does to people: it tells them how they should think and feel and doesn't let them listen to their inner voice.

E-mail me if you'd like to know more about the books I have, and if you'd like me to mail you any of them. I'd be more than happy to do so.

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