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10 March 2006


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i think you should educate the woman. if she seriously believes that everyone who dies will be ressurected in the 'New System" then that means that i will be when i die before armageddon!!
even if i have been reincarnated as a dolphin and im having a great time swimming the ocean or what ever . humans can be so self fish!! you know jehovas witnesses dont even think about animals being ressurected. how selfish is that!!!

how can one being or soul dissapate when another is kept going?? and also they don't believe in reincarnation but ressurection. is that a different ball game??

another point what about the fact they can't swear or curse with words like fuck and shit but its fine to use the same anger with a different word like damb it or blooming heck.

wouldnt a rose by any other name smell as sweet?



Remember our encounter with that couple that continuously harrassed you until we blatantly asked them for an invitation to their church?


Nae (and Dark)
I would normally agree with your sound reasoning. However, in this case I must relate still another viewpoint. This woman, nay girl, is going to do this again to someone else. Now that your anger has subsided, Nae, you should educate this bible "student" on the error of her ways.
I share your initial revulsion upon reading this letter. Why would someone violate your privacy this way? Did she have accomplices? Please consider putting this girl in her place.
p.s. Jehovah's Witnesses have never given me the impression they are Christian. In fact they do their best to draw attention away from Christ.(just a little prop for the "devoted Christians")


Dark Knight....

You are right about that. I had thought about responding to the woman regarding her insensitive intrusion on my family's life but eventually my anger waned. I think the autonomic response to such action that raises one's dander is retaliation albeit justified. It takes a far greater wisdom and power to sometimes allow those who think they have great power to just simply.....become quieter and then silent. And to do so, is to merely make them insignificant.

Thanks for reminding me of the right perspective.

Dark Knight

To return ignorance with more stupidity is to only create an endless cycle. Besides, toe fungus is really too good for those types that prey of people's grief. Let's send the tactless wonders back to the muck that spawned them.

How you ask?

Simple. Just don't allow the stupid people any space in your life.


I second the toe fungus. And maybe a nasty, itchy yeast infection just for emphasis.

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