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26 August 2006


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Most of the major advertisers have pulled their sponsorship of this program: GM, Coke and others. The sponsors say it is not because of the race issue, but I am thinking it is. Why would they do such a stupid thing?


It is so wrong yet not at all shocking. THis country is so racially backward that nothing surprises me anymore. Actually I think the fact that so many people are talking about it is just what the producers want. The show has been declining in popularity since the first season and they needed some attention. It's working, I heve never seen the show and am talking about it. Damn.


My mom and I were literally just talking about this. I think its absolutely the WORST thing they could do... I mean really, do we really need to racially divide people anymore than we already do? Especially for entertainment, I personally just don't think its going to be fun to watch.

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