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09 February 2008


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I say to you Naomi...Dont stope talking to GOD your blog these are your prayers. You constantly talk to him because his spirit lives inside of you. If you didnt express yourself any shape, form, or fashion then I would say Okay she's lost, but you are not. You are just trying to get back to the very esscence of God before all this bullshit we call religion. Which God has recently revealed to me is Sin within itself.

I'm not sure if you read the Bible, if not then I suggest it. Although it is tied to religion and religious beliefs it still is the Word of God. You the world will always try to corrupt what is Godly and everything is made by God thus godly. We just have to know the truth and in reading the bible he will reveal his true personhood/character to you. You will be able to perform miracles in your own life..we are directly connected to him until we make the choice to disconnect ourselves from him. No one or No evil force can separate of from his love.

When we separate ourselves its only an illusion of separtion. That's what the Enemy wants us to believe that we are lost and alone. The Enemy is everything God is not.

I am having the same struggle because of this new revealtions...but we are the ones who are writing the rest of the bible so to speak. Im not sure how old you are but we are THE CHOSEN ONES because no one truly sees and understands...they are so blinded by Religion and consumed with all this other man-made stuff that they have no clue. Honestly its not for everyone to see those who have an ear let him hear what the spirit of God is saying to the people.

My sista God is calling you to a place of rest. Please take comfort in rest...Continue to listen to your spirit it will not lead you in the wrong direction. All God requires is that we love him with all our heart and all our might and that we love our neighbor as ourselves. God is a god of order...we have to 1st love him in loving him we love ourselves and in loving ourselves we can love others.

Keep your head held high...the struggle will be over soon. I am available to you or anyone else like us there is much power in TOGETHERNESS...

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