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18 August 2008


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Hey Joshua! I still have one of my cups too. Unfortunately, Mama Lanni's exists no more. :-( We did have the greatest food. I crave it so often.

Most of the time we were friendly but when you worked with a lot of woman, we tended to get moody. Hopefully not with the customers. Just each other.

Damn, I'm hungry for Mama Lanni's now. Gonna have to make some pasta salad.

Joshua Self

I was just searching for my old hangout when I was in Navy "A" School in Millington in 1993ish(?) called Mama Lanni's and your post popped up. I still have a giant to-go cup from Mama Lanni's that I use to this day. Great Pizza and subs! I remember everyone there was very friendly... Maybe it was you!? ;-)

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