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Fernando Pessoa summed it up best: "Because I'm the size of what I see and not the size of my stature."


First things first...Why Vagabond Spirit? I think it describes what each of us innately have within us. A curiosity to know ourselves and how the world plays in our pictures. Vagabond is this freedom to explore the world. There's an indication of a person's stirring within them to see sights beyond their physical self...vagabond, gypsy, traveler, explorer, adventurer. Spirit describes the soul within, the mysteries of God, the hauntings of the afterlife, the animation of the wind, the unknown that seems to move us and take our breaths away.

Alrighty then...Who am I? A one sentence fact: I'm a (once described as but unsure if the description fits) bipolar woman in her last year few months of her 30s who is a single mother of an awesome daughter. Each part of that is important on how I see the world but it's not what strictly defines me. I've got thirty-nine years of life and reference stored within my essence and frankly, an about page does no justice in cluing you in on me. For just a sampling of who I am, you'd have to read. In the meantime, I'm Naomi.

With that said:

May your vagabond spirit lead you to discoveries that enlighten, empower, inspire, and fulfill you.

Disclaimer: Unless noted, what you see is mine. Stealing is not becoming and it pisses me off. Believe don't want to be on my bad side.