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13 March 2004


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I use to swim for conditioning. It was great relaxer. Very repetitive. The stroke of the arms and the breathing. Hearing the rush of water pass your ears and you pull yourself through the water. I would count in spanish while swimming. I would think about my problems.

Damn! I need to get back into that.


I agree. Jogging around the lakeside or swimming for 45_min in a 50_m pool are one of the most inspirative moments. I also need them to give things their exact place and importance.


I relate to 23 and 32 (and 7, 8, 12 and 13 of your first list). I get my most creative ideas while driving and doing just boring, normal crap. Doing housework in an empty house brings my own music to my head. I always sing, especially in the car. Driving lets me space out and get into my own head while still showing me a running, changing stream of new visual information - totally inspiring.


Dish washing? I think there is, Alicia. And I think meditation leads to clarity which leads to inspiration. Doesn't Cameron say in the Artist's Way that repetitive actions generally bring about creative sparks? I think that's where I read it. So many creative people get ideas doing something monotonous and repetitive...during driving, dishes, etc. I get alot of inspiration during showering. Go figure.


Naomi, sweetie, it is scary how much alike we are. I am sure there are I don't crochet. And I only like middle of the night phonecalls that aren't emergencies. add #41, you are an awesome mom in there.

Isn't there something meditative about washing dishes by hand?


I like your lists! Please finish them. I like getting to know more about you, and I've enjoyed your blog posts. Glad I found you, and I'm not sure how I did. You've inspired me to start my own list. Happy list making! :-)

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