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01 March 2004


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Hi Deborah. I did get the tattoo on my back between my shoulder blades in 2003. I still love it.

Deborah Major

I wonder if you ever got your tattoo and where you placed it? I have had mine since April 14th 1998. When I moved away from my home state. As I have been blessed to travel many places and experience so much. Some ask me often "What time is it?" the irony was deliberate that I placed it on my wrist for reason. To remind me to stay grounded and focus at all times. That I am never alone. I came across this page and article as I was searching for links to share. Thanks and Namaste!


Christopher, I'm glad such a great symbol has created these personal moments with other people. I know my tattoo has. I've had encounters with people either wearing it as a piece of jewelry or having it inked in their skin as well. With each person, I've had conversations that lasted more than a mere hello. Life stories usually came out. Thank you for sharing your story. Wear your necklace when you can.


I came to your site as a result of a great person I worked with. I am Native DC metro area American born with Mexican-Indian heritage. I also love art and the expression of human compassion. About six years ago I meet this fellow employee at at a retail store we worked at. He was a native of Ghana, Africa. After a time our friendship developed. At a point in time he expressed that he was going to visit his family for a few weeks. When he returned I received from him a necklace with beautifully arranged stones,beads and either bone or ivory pieces; designed in the bright colors from the flag of Ghana. Hanging from it was a single white "Gye Nyame" symbol. When I first got it, I wore it daily for about three months in a row but my wife eventually said I should take it off. The I put it on for a few months ever once an awhile then stopped wearing it. Through out the years I have wanted to put it back on but didn't, until today. I wore it at this automotive retail store I now work at. I really enjoyed having it on again. It lifted my spirits..... But now for the rest of the this story: When I wore the necklace years ago and had it on today again; I noticed both back then and today; Persons often on numerous occasions gave me a pleasant positive comment about the necklace. At those points of time I had experienced a personal humane inter-action. Which was a good,happy and healthy experience to those those involved. Therefore "Compassion. a level of Enlightment. A Win-Win Experience.


Thank you, everyone that has come to my little page via Gye Nyame search. I appreciate the time to read through my ramblings and moved to comment.

It's nice to know there are connections out there between people, no matter how small or for how brief a time.

Thanks again. I look forward to any insight you'd love to share.


You have amazing insight... and strenght. I actually have the Gye Nyame symbol tattoed on my right hand. Its meaning is what drove me to have it done on my hand. Just like you... I had been looking for something spiritual.. I don't do religion... but spirituality... I'm there :-)

Thank you for sharing so much with us.. you never know what you may be teaching someone, or how you may be encouraging them through your story. It takes strength to open up and share - I thank you for doing this with us & I cannot wait to visit your blog more often and read on... Jah Bless!


I think this is so deep and so real. I'm so glad you had the boldness to share all that you've been through, and not necessarily things that your out of. But the beautiful thing is your not sitting down inside of it you are going through. And the beautiful thing about living in this world is that its full of seasons, nothing lasts 100% for 100% of the time, seasons change, rain dries up and the sun begins to shine, darkness goes away as the break of day appears. :-) Keep on keeping on sis.


I'm glad that you hold onto God. It is important - the holding on. I've recently gone through some tough things. In the middle of it, when I was reciting some promises of protection, I started to get angry. Where is my protection? What was God doing about the situation? Then I realized that if I really did believe God, that He is not a liar, that must mean he really was protecting me. And if he was protecting me, and I was in the situation that I was in, what in the world would it be like if He was NOT protecting me?! Which brings me to the meaning for the Gye Name that I heard from a lovely Ghanaian lady: if it had not been for God, except for God in my life, where would I be? I hope this helps someone.


Hello All...This is 4 years after the fact but I was just exposed to Gye Name meaning this particular word and its meaning. God however has always been apart of my life, my very existence. Having that as a truth of myself at an early age(7) has proven to be a difficult concept to trust in latter in my life. I am 25 and Life happened like it does to all us, no we don't have the same experiences. I was raised Christian-Baptist denomination, yes i am still active in my church i believe that Religion is a Sin. Back in 2004 God started to reveal himself to me...He is nothing but LOVE. We are nothing but Stars-electromagnetic waves on the wavelength of LOVE. The problem is only a small portion of us humans know and believe this revelation truth. I was sexually abused since i was 5 by several pple and I thought it was just normal, yeah how was i suppose to know any different. But I was sexually abused by my stepfather from age 12-14 even then i thought it was "okay". I told my family, he went to jail for 18months and my life has never been the same. I never held any unforgiveness in my heart for him because I knew that was Him but an evil spirit/force controlling him. But it destroyed almost destroyed my relationship with my parents/family. Ultimately destroyed Vanessa the being God created the Love. Its been such a long journey...but God. I have read all the comments up to this point and yes throughout it all God has remained constant...he never leaves simply bc if we live in his spirit it goes with us everywhere. We can sometimes leave him tho. I too have a son he will be 5 this month...he is my lifesaver he helped me to rediscover that love. When I celebrate his birthday i celebrate myself. 2008 is a symbolic to new beginning...this is my year for Greatness--greatness from Vanessa to Vanessa i owe it to myself. We all owe it to ourselves to love ourselves past our own pain, to find out who God truly is, who he says we are,what he says we can do and NOT/REFUSE to live in fear which is of the Enemy/dark forces of the world. Perfect love casts out all fear and perfect love covers a multitude of sins. Let's grow together in unity and Love...In seeing GOD we see ourselves!



You are so welcomed, Stephanie. It's a good place to be when you discover that God is there all the time. Regardless of religion or denomination, it's just a fantastic feeling of always being covered with that though that God has your back.


i just wanted to say i believe and agree with what you have said here. i have that same tattoo [on the inside of my left wrist] and, as you stated above, the presence of God in everything i do, everything i believe, everything i am, is the reason i wanted this particular tattoo. im not sure if i read you correctly, but i too have a child [daughter] from a relationship i had with a married man. i go on..with God, in everything i do. thank u


I have found at the times when I love myself most, my life is most balanced. Which came first? I don't know :) But I love when it happens.


You are very right, Alicia. No misunderstanding. It's exactly how I want Emma to address the world. Go into it knowing that everything is within her reach, things will move under her touch, and she is responsible with her interactions. I also want her to know that even though she is to learn from this world through her own volition; I will always be here for her to turn to in time of need.

I think sometimes I forget that I'm not unlike Em or anyone else. I get bogged down with my own fight, just get tired of fighting the same battles and just want a little rest...a crutch to help me hobble along.

I think I also have the tendency to compare God to my parents. People who failed me in so many ways and think God is only doing the same thing. Thus my rants for proof of His control in my life.

But I need to find a balance of discovering and living the world with my control and "leaving it to God" ie...let things go that are beyond my control.

I'm trying to gain control without overdoing it. I think you've hit the nail on the's a matter of loving myself and realizing I'm worthwhile. Perhaps balance will follow that?


I love the symbol you have chosen here. Especially what it means to you. I also want to put in my two cents and you can tell me if I am misunderstanding what you are saying.

You are a parent. Would you let your child have things her way until she is capable of handling those situations in ways that won't hurt her? Do you expect less of God?
On the other hand, don't you let your daughter do many things herself so she learns to be self-sufficient and have confidence? Don't you think God does the same?
Lastly, do you fix all of Emma's problems, or do you let her figure some of them out on her own? If you were to always be there for her, would she ever learn to stand on her own feet? know the you expect less from God?

Did I completely misunderstand what you were saying? Keep your control. it is also a god given gift. This from someone who also doesn't talk to Him. I say good for you for taking control of your life. I think it is the ultimate goal, for us and for that God guy.

it is hard to love ourselves. so hard. but you are worthwhile. You are doing the right thing.

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