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21 March 2004


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Mixed...that would make a lot of sense...I was thinking the other day how much I look like my mom...and wondered..actually everyone has been telling me Im the splitting image of her. So in my noggin I got to thinking..hmm....I am a carbin copy of my mother, but my mind is different...or is it? There are things I do in life that are very similar to hers and some things that actually make me different from her. Am I continuation of her and my father and if so...does that mean I can either make myself better than her where she lacks, or make myself worst?

Does this also fit into the blending effect? Does Genetics play a big part in the roll of blending? If we do come take on pieces of cleopatra, rob roy, jack the ripper, which parts do we get? I really dont want the butt. ok...kidding aside there...which parts do we get? How do we get it. I like to research that. This is all so intrigueing.


I like that idea, Sami. Mixing and mingling of our essences. That feeling of knowing each other instantly. Feeling more comfortable with some people and at odds with others. And in the end...coming together as one.

Which leads to another idea that I'll probably post on in the next few days...not going to say anything about it now.


In light of that physics theory, that energy is always around. Do you think that could mean that the same amount of energy is here as ever, and it just recycles itself into new things? From a single energy in the beginning. And if this could be so, since we’ve had such a massive population growth over time, does that mean that the energies of the past that once filled one being are now diluted out to fill many? And if that’s the case, does that make us less now than we used to be? Not as full of energy? Hybrids? Mutts?

Or are we becoming more from the mixing of energies? Each transition from one entity to the next leaving an imprint before it moves on. The world growing so much smaller, closer together. Things that were once defined so specifically and separate, now the lines are blurred, mixed. Making us more alike and moving us back to the single energy, the One, where we began. Full circle.

This could explain why so many people have past life regression therapy and discover that they were all Cleopatra in a past life. Perhaps many of us have a piece of that energy that was once her, and others. :)


It is all mind blowing\opening. I would love to expand on this issue some more..but will most definitely come back to it.

This is a topic and many other "belief" topics that are a part of everyday life/existance for people. Yes I do believe in a God. Yes I do believe that the beliefs we hold came from original ideals creating it's own life for each person that exists in this world. I do believe that if we were created in his image (character) than he/she is each of us. Does that make sense?

As for reincarnation, I feel that we are connected to each other, and at the same time are responsible for who we are. Perhaps our essence when we die does get recreated, perhaps that is why some people in our lives are more familiar than others. I really don't know...just know that I'm still searching for my answers. That spirituality is individual. If a belief helps one to survive this sometimes scary world who are we to judge those beliefs? We can share them intellectually, we can chew it all up and digest some of it. Reincarnation ... I can see it that when we die perhaps we will be created once again to be "perfect" beings (christianity version), or perhaps just exist in a plane(sp) watching over others. Who knows? Definitely something to think about. :)

This is a great thinking topic. I definitely have to come back to this. Thank you Nae for the brain teaser. :)


Edgar Cayce is quoted as saying in one of his numerous readings in regard to believing in reincarnation is that (to paraphrase) the best way to know that past lives exist is to have had an experience of remembering one. Easier said than done, that's for sure. Cayce was a devout Christian who initially didn't believe in the reincarnation concept, but through his readings he began to change his mind on the matter, and he found supporting passages in the Bible, etc. It's historical fact that Christianity purposefully denied the whole reincarnation concept during the formative stages of its deliberate development. Many people think that Christianity is all directly a result of Jesus, and that is far from the truth of it. Christianity was designed and molded by other men centuries after Jesus lived. That is the legacy we now live with.

While some uphold that we can reincarnate as animals or plants, that is not the consensus. Some feel that animals and plants have a different kind of awareness that only recycles back into plant and animal awareness. Only sentient beings recycle back into sentient beings. I use sentient because this leaves room open for people on other planets. Earth is just one planet, and chances are we've incarnated elsewhere. Also, some say that you don't need to incarnate into the physical dimension to work out karma, that it can be worked out, and lessons learned, while in different planes of existence.

I agree with the concept of heaven or nirvana as being a return to the Source, to the One, or God/Goddess. In order to return our karma has to be in balance. However, completed (or balanced) spirits choose to come back for specific reasons, purposes, or what-not. When they do so, they are faced with un-balancing their karma. That is what free will is all about. Making the choices that can lead us off our intended purpose, or to stick to it no matter what.

It's not an easy concept to wrap the mind around because it opens up a lot of questions. Why does it work this way? Why don't we automatically recall who we were? Does it really matter to know who we once were?

I agree that we do make our choices prior to coming into this world. We make them in order to balance out the karma from before, or to simply learn from the experience. However, I don't know if everything has been decided before hand. I still feel that much is left to be decided when the moment presents itself. I think what we decide upon before we incarnate is like an outline, then when we come here we fill in the rest of it.

Another difficult to grasp concept is that if our souls were created at the time of the Creation/Big-Bang, then that would mean in physical plane of existence time that we're all about 15 billion years old. If that doesn't seem likely, think about what you had said in regard to the conservation of matter and energy. If all that we see is never lost, then that which defines our spirit was created all the way back then and hasn't been lost. No new souls are generated because their energy is never lost. It merely is recycled by being house in different bodies or in states of existence.

Pretty cosmic thinking, it all is. Fun to wrap the mind around it and ponder what reality really is.


You are right, Alicia. Faith. And to me that is the basis of spirituality. I'll say it again and again. Religion is not spirituality. And faith is a extremely personal thing.

I do like the idea of second chances. I'm the queen of second chances. And reincarnation would definitely be my throne.

There are moments in my life that can't be explained by rational thinking. People I've met that I know I've met before. And when we've sat down, no mutual place or person between us. Their face and soul as familiar as my own.

I don't know. Perhaps those who don't believe in reincarnation..those that know within themselves that it doesn't exist are souls that have never been recycled. I just don't know.


Calissa...First, my thoughts for you and your family. I hope your husband is safe. And I know it's a huge sacrifice for a family to let a love one do so much for beliefs like freedom and democracy. As a former military brat, I've been surrounded by people who make so many sacrifices. So, thank you.

Secondly, thanks for stopping in. I think that we don't have to agree with others to receive comfort from them. If anything, accepting the differences in each other only brings us closer. And it brings me great comfort that someone outside of me sees the world in a different light...sort of gives more depth to something. Helps us gain new perspective, ones we'd never see staying to ourselves. I definitely don't believe everything my familiars do, BUT their opinions and beliefs help me get a better understanding of what I do believe.

And key to what you said...hope. If Sylvia Browne's books did anything, it strengthened your hope. :-)

Thanks again for commenting.


Count me in the believers in reincarnation camp. I may not like that these were my choices, but I do believe I made them. I fully understand people who don't believe there is more than one life here, but I am not in that group. I think our series of lives is a learning period. Maybe it is my sense of fairness that makes me want to believe that those who aren't "more enlightened" or at least more compassionate get another change to learn how to be better people.

Reincarnation is just one of those things of faith that is unprovable one way or the other. I definitely believe we are all connected.

Just my two cents. You bring up some good points, Naomi.


I was searching for some strength on how to deal with my husband going to war and while searching in a book store I found books by Sylvia Brown. I read about 5 of them. Without going one way or the other, she does explain many interesting points on issues like reincarnation. Not sure if I believe all of that stuff but it was very comforting to read and also gave me lots of hope.

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