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14 April 2004


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I have found many things in common too. Its funny. Because how its possible - im russian girl...but somehow... somehow...

Just the words Light and Darkness came in my mind, i put them on search in Google and first i opened your site.
Everything happen from Reason. I beleve.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Whether these just poured out of you or not, they were quite entertaining and showed a lot of creativity!


Naomi, I have read this before and said how much we have in common and now I want to show you just how true that is. All of these replies to yours are the absolute truth...The ones that are omitted mean I didn't find a similarity.

2.Have received NUMEROUS driving tickets, but never had my license suspended...exactly opposite on this one.

3.I used to be very accurate with Tarot, as well, but never could be confident enough to not cheat with the book.

4.Freaky deaky thing happen when I use a Ouija board, so I don't touch them anymore either. I definately believe in their power.

5.I HATE being nude...hate my body, but love being nude. The free spirit in me.

6.Again, hate my body, but would be more than willing to live as a nudist and have thought about it before.

8.WOW! That gave me chills.

9. I had a small fling with an actor with the initials GC before he was famous. I was very young, he was very hot, and I still think he is a great guy. I am sure he is the exception to most actors, however.

10. Very cool!

11. I do this too. It is the person, not their sex that I am attracted to.

12. Deep crush on Ms. Jolie myself...God those lips, those eyes...she is simply gorgeous! And how I love the person she is.

13.EXACTLY! I am straight, but I have had occasions where I went a little crooked!

14. Oh, MY GOD....I LOVE ink pens...I have more than any sane person should have. I have been known to ask people for their pens if I like them enough. I also have a deep love of stationary and school supplies. I never use half the pens I have..I just like having them.

17. This is exactly how I am. I go back for more and more abuse, but once I have decided it is might as well stay the hell out of my face, because I am DONE with you.

18.I am attracted to all types of men...don't know any Filipinos.

19. I woke up in the middle of them removing my gallbladder, my head kind of rolled to the side, I saw the blood pressure reading of 40/20 and then heard them screaming for the Epi. I nearly lost my life over a freaking gallbladder. Damned gallstones. I also had an epidural with my second child who was complete breech. They tried to turn him, his heart rate dropped and they rushed me to have a Csection. The doctor began cutting and I could feel it vividly. They had to put me to sleep. Very traumatic experience.

24. Would LOVE to be the voice of a character. I do a mean impression of Sponge Bob and Patrick! Also am very good a roadrunner, Gizmo and a plethora of other cartoon characters. Not as good at real people. It is the overexaggerated voices of cartoons I am so good at.

30. I have only had one hangover, and oddly enough, it included all three of those things.

31. My alcohol of choice is still Jim Beam (bourbon). My favorite mixed drink...oh my GOD...Long Island Iced Tea...could drink them every day!...All those different liquors mixed...yummy...

32. I too laugh when they can't handle their shit. I can drink with the best men.

33. Heights are my weakness. Oddly enough, I still have a great desire to parasail!

34. LOVE LOVE LOVE practical jokes, especially when I am the one pulling them

36. OH I LOVE THIS MOVIE. One of the bestest bestest movies of all time. I can't wait to see the remake with the wonderful Johnny Depp. I was at first very offended that they were remaking the movie and not using the still very much alive Gene Wilder. However, all anger subsided when I found out it was Johnny Depp. My love of him goes back to his 21 Jump Street days.

39. Only Heinz for me too sweetie. I use many many generics.

40.I talk in my sleep (what little I get)

41. I hate socks, I hate shoes..>I would go barefooted all the time if I could..and my feet scream at me very often. I have to continually soak them, use pumice, lotion, etc, to keep them from cracking and bleeding. Corn huskers lotion is the best I have ever used. It takes a few weeks to see a difference, but the time is worth it.

42. I can sleep no matter how much caffeine I drink if I am sleepy. Caffeine has never kept me awake.

43. Me too.

44. Three hours a night is a good night of sleep for me. Unless I am depressed. Then I can't seem to wake up.

45. I have had migraines since childhood, as well. I still remember my first one when I was 7 years old. I have experienced temporary blindness, severe vomitting, and pain so severe even the wind hurts it.

46. More times than I like to recall I have had prophetic dreams.

48. I was married to the devil.

51. I went through 44 hours labor with my last child.

52. Never thought about being a nun BECAUSE I love and enjoy sex so much.

54. I am right now reading 3 books at once, plus my textbooks. I get bored with just one as well.

55. I have journaled as long as I can remember but sadly have gotten rid of far too many of them.

56. I am exactly the same. I take SOO many pictures, buy the albums, scrapbooking supplies, but the just sit there. I am also bad to take like 20 rolls of film before I will put them in to be developed.

57. This made me crack up! I thought I was the only person who had ever had this thought!

61. Yep, me too.

62. OH HOW I WANT A TATTOO...I want a heartagram on my shoulder.

63.My life dream has always been to be an actor. Me and my first fiance were planning on movie to California to pursue that dream. Missed chances!

64. I have used the same scent for many years. Suave Powder Fresh, I think it is called. Smells like a baby, works like a horse.

65. I am obsessed with scents, and often ask people, such as my online friends that I have never met, what kind of colognes, deodorants, lotions, laundry detergents, etc they use and a way to feel closer to them. I love the scent of sex and my favorite perfume/lotion scent is Pure Seduction by Victorias Secret.

66. Yep, me too. I am really really bad with years. I have to use memory landmarks, just like the way I drive.

67. I was in AP for all math, but still have to use my fingers for things like that. Go figure. (Yes, there was a pun intended there!)

69. I collect cookbooks and recipes but rarely, if ever use them. Again, I thought I was the ONLY one who did this. I have no idea why the obsession with them but it is there, nonetheless.

70. I am a very big flirt, but I realize it.

71. Yep, with my changing mood, my favorites change.

74. She is one of my heros

75. Love karaoke. Was actually asked to go to karaoke last night with some friends, but couldn't go. The mommy thing!

77.I love that CD. The first CD I bought was the Karate Kid soundtrack. The first album I bought (with my own money) was Prince Purple Rain. I now own it on CD too...I love that music and that movie.

78. I love all genres. I have everything in my CD collection from Barbra Streisand to Eminem, to Broadway musicals too numerous to mention to heavy metal from the 80's. Classical, blues, jazz,...every single type makes my toes curl.

79. So can I sweetie. So can I.

80. Yes, I can do that too. No big deal, but the guys sure love it!

81. Oh, me too. I have often wished there was a stripclub for people with bodies like mine.

82. Now serving..well, I won't give the number, but not a dissatisfied customer yet!

83. I love all of these, especially kisses...those deep, passionate ones that you can feel all the way to your toes...I can cum by that joke.

84. I laughed at this one too, not because it is funny, but because it is so true of me, as well.

85. I am curious to the point of nosey.

86. OH I just squirm at the thoughts of them. I love them.

87. Have always laughed at inappropriate moments.

89. I have said that time and time again! What is the matter with these people. Are they fucking crazy? Don't they ever learn their lesson. God is trying to tell them Don't live on the damned beach you morons!

90. I have said THAT time and time again, as well!

91. Oh, I am waiting for that cherry to be popped myself. I would love to go camping.

92. Yes, oh my God who can carry an intelligent conversation and have a great sense of humor but especially men who can write...and then there is always the sexiest man alive to that can write, sing, and play the piano. Well, I would just roll over and do whatever he wanted. Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 is this triple threat AND drop dead GORGEOUS to boot. He is the sexiest man alive to me. AND he plays piano BAREFOOTED and that just makes me wet for some reason. I LOVE him.

93. My children are mine too.

94. Except me.

95. I completely relate.

96. One of my strengths AND weaknesses.

97. Me too..most of the time.

98. Me either. Then I wouldn't have my wonderful children and the knowledge I have gained to help them grow up a more normal, healthy has all been worth it.

99. There are big plans for both of us sweetie, I just know it. I am just impatient too with all the shit that is going on. I usually avoid cliches, but they say all good things come to those who wait and patience is a virtue. I guess that is true, but I have often said only enormous amounts of stress come to those who wait and patience is a load of shit.

I love you Nae. Told you...we are freakishly similar. The more I get to know you, the more I realize it. How I can relate to you..geez...


who sings the son that goes If I traded it all If I gave it all away for one thing Just for one thing If I sorted it out If I knew all about this one thing Wouldn’t that be something? please e mail me at and tell me. thanks


Well thank you, Andrew for the lovely compliment. Sometimes I like to think I'm a free spirt. Other times I just say I'm crazy...but I am glad you enjoyed the list. *smile*

And life is grand that way, isn't it? Introducing people in the most amazing ways?!

Andrew C. Stevens

You have an absolutly lovely list here. I found it by chance, which life often does, but it was neat to see that there are still free spirited people in this world. Thanks for the entertainment of sorts...


Carrie, you are so funny! hehehe Fish lips and sunken eyes. *shaking head laughing* You're a hoot!

Nope, not finished with THE list. This is sort of my fluff list. My other one is taking forever....hard to concentrate on what I like about myself.


The list is FINISHED! So cool! And #12 just goes to show that you are a person who can look past those fish lips and sunken eyes and see someone beautiful, even desirable. Everyone should be so lucky:)

Amy Star

It is simply amazing how much we have in common...almost freaky, really....Star


Naomi, loved your list! Some items you mention that I can relate to: #65, #3, #90, and #46.

I had chicken pox at age 13. It was interesting to say the least. The itching was the worst part of it, and my mother was too cheap to get me lotion to give me relief. But the high fever was a trip!

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