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08 May 2004


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Ok, I read these over about ten times and still can't decide which is fake. I'll go with number 3. I love zydeco music!


I'm going to go with number 2 on this one. It must be my lucky number or something, because I did this over at Alicia's site as well.


I'm going with #1. Why? Because I have no idea what a zydeco band is, and I always go with the thing I don't know. I'm wrong, of course, but I've made my pick.


My first instinct is to say that #3 is the false one, but then I second guess myself and think "it's always the wildest ones that end up true." I can so see you playing with a zydeco band too...

eenie, meenie, mynie....#2

(watch it really be #3 that is false...)

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